01.15.15 // Announcing Pitchfork Radio

2015 more or less starts for me next week, January 20th, in Los Angeles at the Ace Hotel! On the rooftop! Which is where the pool is!

I’m working on the inaugural broadcast of Pitchfork Radio, Pitchfork.com’s online streaming broadcast running January 20 to February 6, 2015. It’s been a blast booking and curating the programming for this, so tune in from 10am-6pm PST each weekday!

*If you have to chose one hour to listen in, may I suggest 2pm PST, where DYLAN’S LUNCH BOX will be on air? I think you might like it.

Check out the news release here, and I’ll be posting all updates, incoming artists, and the inevitable WACKY SHIT at @p4kradio on Instagram and Twitter.


See you soon, LA!