“Art for Our Sake” for ROOKIE

“In reality, I don’t think art is a trivial thing to devote four years (even a whole life!) to. I’ve spent the past four years practicing and thinking about my craft(s) and learning to grow my critical brain. Not ‘critical’ like your mom when she’s telling you how tragically messy your room is (True Life); I mean the kind of critical that looks at something as minute as the specific typeface a newspaper uses or as massive as the historical, political, and social backdrop to a given art movement, and asks: ‘Why is that?’ The kind of critical that questions everything to gain understanding, then channels that new knowledge into a creative impulse, resulting in work that’s more informed, more directed, more interesting. This kind of critical wants me to do something important with my concern and curiosity about the world, and knows that art, writing, and all manner of culture-making are more than important—they’re crucial.”

I suppose this is my manifesto about art school and creative life, which you can read at ROOKIE.