01.15.15 // Announcing Pitchfork Radio

2015 more or less starts for me next week, January 20th, in Los Angeles at the Ace Hotel! On the rooftop! Which is where the pool is!

I’m working on the inaugural broadcast of Pitchfork Radio, Pitchfork.com’s online streaming broadcast running January 20 to February 6, 2015. It’s been a blast booking and curating the programming for this, so tune in from 10am-6pm PST each weekday!

*If you have to chose one hour to listen in, may I suggest 2pm PST, where DYLAN’S LUNCH BOX will be on air? I think you might like it.

Check out the news release here, and I’ll be posting all updates, incoming artists, and the inevitable WACKY SHIT at @p4kradio on Instagram and Twitter.


See you soon, LA!

“Holiday Beverage Jamboree” for ROOKIE


Whenever there’s a commercial on TV for some, like, dulce de leche chocolate low-calorie yogurt-based personal-sized dessert, and the narrator lady is like, ‘SooOOoOo indulgent, inDDUUULLLGE your senses, guilt tastes so gooooOOOd,’ I’m like, ‘Lady, you do NOT know who you’re talking to.’ Because if a mini-cup of sugar-free garbage counts as the Ultimate Indulgence, you have not met me, le Professionale Hédoniste. Welcome to my lair (the kitchen), where I have cracked the code to literally the most self-indulgent beverage I can think of: black coffee with ice cream melting it. Caffeine and sugar unite to bring me to my highest self, which is my hyper self. Coffee and ice cream are what pulse through my veins (blood is for normies), so I really take this beverage experiment to heart.”


Recipes, illustrations, and holiday cheer to follow by clicking right here!

“Be Your Own Expert” for ROOKIE

Sometimes, when I’ve handed authority over my life to other people, I’ve caught myself rationalizing it by thinking, ‘Well, I’m not the Relationships Person anyway,’ or, ‘I’m not, like, a Body Expert here.’ That’s funny, because, WHAT? It’s like saying, ‘You tell me when to breathe—I’m not the Oxygen Guy.’ How could I demote myself to novice status for something as completely individual and fundamental as, like, having a body and feelings? All humans are BODY AND FEELINGS PEOPLE.”

Read the whole thing here.

“When a Crush Is Enough” for ROOKIE

“It gets easier […] after you’ve clocked some years pining for many a human (a really boring Older Than Thou statement, I know, but hear me out). You realize that, Hey—I’m going to have a lot of these feelings in my lifetime. Some are more light and fluffy, some are torturous, but they all come and go, thank goodness. Because in the end, isn’t it a special kind of fun to consider love in a million different places, with a million goofy faces? Crush feelings are always there for the taking, even if they last only five seconds. It might be all in your head and heart, but those are important places, and about as real as it gets.”


Read more here.

11.25.14 // DJ Dyl Widdit on Hollow Earth Radio

Hey earthlings! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m excited to share a fun thing I did last night, which was to go live on Hollow Earth Radio and DJ some of my favorite tracks to beat the shitty weather blues. This is November in Seattle therapy.

Stream it below! Two full hours of upbeat punx, powerpoppers, garage stompers, hidden gems, and some of my favorite latest stuff.

11.24.14 | YONIC BOOM hosted by DJ Dyl Widdit by Dylan Tupper Rupert on Mixcloud

BURGERLAND in The Pitchfork Review

My essay on “the OC saga of Burger Records” covers the particular explosion of youth culture in suburban Southern California circling around the hive of Burger Records HQ in Fullerton. Includes my top picks for most essential Burger listening, plus visuals by Cali DeWitt & Steele O’Neal.

Pick it up here:

The Pitchfork Review

8.18.2014 // I now write for The Pitchfork Review!

Well this is cool.

A new version of my essay BURGERLAND was published in the third issue of The Pitchfork Review, Pitchfork’s gorgeous quarterly of music culture. Pick it up, TRUST ME: my piece comes with visuals by Los Angeles legends Cali DeWitt and Steele O’Neal (aka BRGR TV), and the issue itself is crammed with wonderful work, including a split 7″ featuring Burger’s own KING TUFF. I love this magazine. Seriously.

I have some pieces in the works for future issues, so stay tuned for those. In the mean time, savor this book. It’s a true treat.

07.21.14 // Wine design time.

The last few months have been full-blast on the product design front, conceptualizing and executing a new line of gifts for Seattle-based wine merchandise brand Mercantile 12. Think heavy-duty canvas aprons, double-bottle grocery totes, colorful pewter wine charms, ceramic travel coffee mugs—all high-quality and American made, celebrating the vibe and lifestyle of wine country.

We hauled the new line (oh, the boxes) to Duncan Smith‘s Capitol Hill studio and the results are pretty impressive. Below you can check out the “CRUSH on…Napa/Sonoma/Washington” design I made, playing off the wine country tradition of a seasonal crush. Also you can peek my personal favorite, “Locavore/Oenophile/Vinter/Sommelier” which is this hyper-intricate geometric typographic line that pops SO well in cream-on-black printing. New products launch at the end of July, but in the mean time, enjoy a sneak peak of some of the products launching this month:

Mercantile 12 photoshoot

CRUSH design featuring Washington, Napa and Sonoma Valleys applied on a range of wine bottle totes

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Photographer Duncan Smith nailing the group product shot

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Locavore/Oenophile/Vinter/Sommelier gift tags

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Photo shoot in progress!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Market tote with my Locavore/Oenophile/Vinter/Sommelier design applied, cream on black.


07.01.14 // Welcome to the Dylan Rupert Design Blog, or, THE DLOG, I guess?

I have a blog now, sweet deal. Here are some updates from the lapdesk of Dylan Rupert Design:

1. I have graduated with lots of bruises & some symbols next to my name from California College of the Arts. Four years, two towns, five homes, and one BFA in Individualized Studies later… Gratitude towards my advisors for allowing me to do this creative direction design/writing/time-based mad-lady scheme. I think it was the best chunk of college I could have ever dreamed of biting off. Yum.

2. DRD has vacated San Francisco and is currently shredding up and down the west coast with a ferocious freedom & lots of energy put towards free-dreaming. These dreams are now taking the form of pitches and proposals, so check your email! Today, I’m: freelancing in Seattle, wrapping up my tenure as Boogalooist & Resident Art-Doer with Total Trash Productions in Oakland, drafting some Los Angeles concepts (not-not considering Episoda issue 2?). Where will I go next?

3. Look out for the Pitchfork Review issue 3 this summer, a new cut of my Burgerland essay is running alongside some stunning visuals by Cali DeWitt & Burger’s own Steele O’Neal.

4. Designed a new round of product designs for Mercantile 12 which will be launching in the next coming weeks. Stay tuned, wineheads!

Here’s something just for fun (as if the above isn’t?). My first DJ night is tonight, at the one and only Linda’s! Ba-da bing. Flyer below.

happy summer.