SELF/OBJECT: A collection of stories and analysis of how and why girls learn to self-objectify is a collection of interviews from a range of young women prompted by the question: when did you begin to self-objectify? I responded to these insightful and meaningful reflections while looking at a study done in 2010 by the American Psychological Association Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls. However, we don’t need to reference this study to understand what’s going on: we have these stories, and a million more.

Telling and listening are foundational in understanding girls’ experiences with objectification and self-judgement. Combining evidence from stories and studies, I made my own statement about the harming effects of a society that designates girls into being their own harshest critics – and for whom?


Special thanks and appreciation to Terra, Caitlin, Esme, Ifrah, Allie, Jo Marie, and Lena for their generous insight.

This was created as my final project for Girl Culture with Prof. Melinda de Jesus at CCA, Spring 2013.